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AX-PeCo is a people counting application for AXIS network cameras that allows carrying out the counting of the number of persons crossing an imaginary line under the camera to improve the operations control of any business open to the public.

AX-PeCo is easily installable in the existent network and easily configurable from any place via web browser. The camera itself does the counting, recording and storage of the collected data in real time and automatically with no need for a PC. The data access is performed remotely via web browser or by using the free application PeCo-Graph.


AX-PeCo is licensed software that running fully embedded in a network camera AXIS transforms it into a video-based people counter.

  • It can obtain data of the flow of people in any establishment with a reliability of 95% of the daily average.
  • It facilitates separated in and out counts with the same camera, being able to differentiate between the direction of traffic (in/out) and the passage of several people entering/exiting simultaneously, which increases the efficiency of the system.
  • The collected data allow for people flow knowledge, trends study, suspicions identification, workforce optimization, marketing effectiveness...
  • The data access is performed remotely via web browser or by using the free application PeCo-Graph, which eases the acquirement, consultation and exploiting of the counting data from multiple counters.

Compatible cameras

To know the compatible cameras according to version of the software AX-PeCo and the AXIS firmware, please refer to the following file.

AX-PeCo Camera Table


  • Non-intrusive

    The counting is done by analysing the images captured by a camera placed above the desired area, so it does not require physical barriers, extra installations or additional equipment.

  • Bidirectional Counting

    The camera fulfils the calculation of ins and outs (bidirectional counting) differentiating the direction of traffic (in/out) and the passage of several people simultaneously.

  • High Reliability

    It registers counting data on a determined area with an accuracy of 95% of the daily average.

  • Access via internet explorer

    It provides easy and secure access to the camera web interface to perform the counter configuration and to visualize the counting data, which are refreshed automatically every 5 seconds.

  • API for integration in third party software

    To download accounts in .csv format and integrate them with other data such as billing.

Download our documentation

Here you will find all the documentation that you may need for installing and working with the application AX-PeCo.

Download our software

AX-PeCo works properly with some models of AXIS cameras and with determined versions of firmware. The firmware version of the camera must be5.50 or 5.55. If your camera has a different version, you must update its firmware.

The following file contains the links to obtain the firmware of your camera and its appropiate AX-PeCo aplication file.


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