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Visual Tools products are property of AX Solutions, a company with a high technological character and an exclusive approach to video, recognized by its innovation capacity, the quality of its products and its service vocation.

AX Solutions at a glance

AX SOLUTIONS de un vistazo

AX Solutions is a company with a solid technical, financial and commercial infrastructure, whose direction is guided by the strategic vision of its executives and the partnership with the most important technological and commercial partners of the security and image technology sectors.

Being among the European leaders in its field, the company provides an integral service that covers from R&D to after-sales service, being technological partner of multiple R&D projects and preferred partner of distributors, installers and final clients in operations.

AX Solutions develops and manufacture intelligent video observation and people counting products and solutions for the professional market. These are sold under the brand name Visual Tools through a strengthened channel of distribution of international scope formed by a wide network of partners with active presence in more than 40 countries.

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