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PeCo-Graph is the software for the procurement and graphical visualisation of the counting data from one or multiple Visual Tools people counting applications. An easy-to-use application for PC that eases the download of the counting data and simplifies their analysis and graphical representation.

It has multiple charts to easily make presentations, for instance, with comparisons of the data acquired in two different intervals of time within the same site or the data of two different premises at the same time interval. It also incorporates a tendency chart to analyse your counting data and see your client traffic distribution in a site or in several sites at a glance.

Using the information

Once the counting data is gathered, you can analyse the real situation of your client traffic, of business opportunities and of possible variations.

Comparisons of this data with that of other establishments or with data such as billing or number of ticket receipts can help you detect missed opportunities or areas for improvement, to increase performance and consequently income.

Once these points are detected, a series of improvements or corrective measures can be implanted, and subsequently data can be collected and analysed again, entering a process of continual improvement.

Charts of the counting data

With PeCo-Graph you can make charts of:

  • Chart of one variable (premises or group of premises).
  • Chart of one day of the week.
  • Comparison between two intervals.
  • Comparison between two variables (premises or groups of premises).
  • Accumulated data of multiple premises.
  • Accumulated data of multiple premises.
  • Accumulated data of all groups.

And, a tendency chart to analyse your count data and see your client traffic distribution at a glance.

Benefits of the solution

With the analysis of the obtained data you will be able to:

  • Know your client behaviour better and increase profitability.
  • Optimise the management of your personnel (employees, maintenance staff).
  • Increase the effectiveness of your marketing and promotional material.
  • Improve client service and your business’s image.

Technical specifications


A Windows based software that permits the manual or automatic download and the graphical visualization of the counting data from one or multiple Visual Tools’ people counting applications.

Hardware & Software requirements

PC or laptop with 1024x768 minimal resolution and true colour. Monitor, mouse and keyboard. 4 GB of RAM memory. 15MB of HDD free space for the application files and 100MB for the data base. Ethernet network card (TCP/IP).Requires Microsoft W7, W8 or W10 and previous installation of the Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 (available at Microsoft site)

Download our documentation

Here you will find all the documentation that you may need for installing and working with the people counting data management software PeCo-Graph.

Download our software

Here you will be able to upgrade the application PeCo-Graph with the latest software version or download additional programs to use specific functionalities.

Before installing any upgrade or download any file, please read carefully the warnings and instructions to ensure the correct transfer and operation of the installation files.


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